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The store is a very cool idea, man! I'll have to ponder what images I can put on a thong!!!

"Subject: Checked out your shop
Hi Kev,
Checked out the shop this morning, absolutely fab!! LOVED THE THONG!! Might definately be ordering a few things. Cool website as well. Cheers".

Your art is just amazing! I love the website, the photos and especially your stories. Im glad you have the time to be so creative. How do you do that, and still work in TV news?!!"
Dale S., TV Anchorman

"Hi Kevin!
I met you the other night at Sketch, I was sitting at the table next to you. Great website. I will definitely get down to the gallery. Your pics are right up my weirdo alley!"

"Subject: Todays Denver Post Article on YOU!
In fact, you're so far out, you'll never be in!"
Phil Keating, Geraldo at Large Show

- Website Reax Part1


"Kev, this is incredible!
Wow! This is a great site. You've put a lot of work into it. Your work is really interesting and invokes many emotions.
Love you.."
Ann, Seattle,WA

"Boy, Mari did a fantastic job on your website! It is just great.
Don and I especially loved the "Stanley Self Portrait" photo, I didn't notice the first time that I looked at it but just now we were checking out the site again and I noticed "my" sister baring her breasts for the entire world to see! Yikes!!! Wait until I point that one out to mom....
Love you lots",
Fer, On the road somewhere?

"Your artwork IS affecting everybody who looks at it! Even Rich -- he was bored at work and surfed to your site. While going through all your galleries it inspired him to write a song!"
You 'da man!
~Mari~Web Mistress(

Mary R.,former CBS Reporter

- Website Reax part2


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking at your site, nice job
matey!! Really fun, I couldn't pull myself away from it, and I also feel it
fits your art style perfectly."

Wow- this is SO..... cool! Wish I was in Denver to check out your show- congrats!
It is awesome! I LOVE the self portraits!!
Now if only my pregnant belly was online... remember you trying to talk me into walking across downtown Seattle bare bellied? Too funny.
Congrats on the show and the website. COOL!"
Jude Oehling/Seattle

Im impressed. Id like to meet this guy some time!"
Dan A
News Director/Medford, Oregon

"Hey Kev.
Site Looks awesome.
(and) I just thought that Kevin knew how to make potato guns!
"Florida Cowboy"

The short answer is the website is great, but what is just blowing me away has very little to do with the format, it's YOU!!"
"Carol" Arizona

- Website Reax Part3


Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen Colorado has selected a few of my prints for showing....

"Canyonlands Bolt"
"Newspaper Rock"
"Santa Fe Moon"
"Shaman Shadow"
"Spring Snow"
"Perfect Storm"

If you're in the neighborhood, make sure you stop in and visit with Mark and Haydee at Stoneheart Gallery.
Cool people, running a really great room!

Wednesday - Friday 11 - 5
Saturday & Sunday 11 - 7

28005 Highway 74

In the heart of beautiful downtown Evergreen, just a few doors down from the "Little Bear" Tavern...

- Evergreen, CO


Hey Boys and Girls, don't forget about this show!

The Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center is featuring a few of my Images for their Western Sci-Fi show, "Shoot the Moon". The Show runs May 13th to August 19th...

Prints selected for the "Shoot the Moon" Show,

"Middle Earth"
"Walk to Paradise"
"Deer Creek Canyon Saucers"

Public Opening and Cocktail Reception
June 9, 2006 5:00pm - 7:00pm

The Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center is located in Publo Colorado
210 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81003

- Out of this World!


Appearance would seem outside of perimeter.

Yielding to another,
retaining acute interest in each and every aspect.

Needs simple, albeit complex,
Inside energies, life itself.
Outside sources, chaos.

Interaction, most times, imperative.

Ethereal portraits, visual contacts,
Composites of total vision.
Of real, only doubts and question.

Digestive compression.

Fireside warmth, cold steel.

Intrigued simplicity with respiratory vibration.

Slow motion,


- ks


You dont just confront your Demons
and defeat them;

You confront them;

and confront them;

and confront them some more....

- ks

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