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"Lake Pirates"

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"The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste"

With the gift of a photographic memory we drove up there in a VW Bus with a goal of shooting pics of the place going upriver as far as fuel would allow.  Ended up in a side canyon with a small arch when a rented houseboat showed up with a cranked up stereo system, their having departed after a verbal request for "peace and quiet" from us, their response being a profanity and our response having been five rounds into a cliff side.  I can still see that housboat moving slowly out of the nearby cove. The "Lake Pirates" pic was taken the next morning on our way back.  When we ended up back at Waweep a fellow came up to us and asked " say fellows, you wouldn't know of any weapons discharge up the lake in the last couple of days?".  I was preparing to tear down the boat and you responded, " Ah, no man".  And I just agreed with a look of dismay on my face to the gentleman indicating no knowledge and concern for such an event taking place on such a pristine lake and national monument. Now for the moment you took the pic... we had been underway for an hour or so in the rain when you shouted out to me,

" Hey, let's shut this thing down, I'm freezing, let's do some tequila and I can light a cigar" 
...from, bbc...

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Easter Morning at the Ranch
Snowy Sunrise Service
Newspaper, Cigars and Coffee

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~Happy Easter Everybody~

Been snowing on and off all weekend,

we currently find ourselves in frozen clouds...

Strange i
ce coating everything...

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"Chris Wilson and the Other Half"

circa: 1967, the "summer of Love" baby!
(Back, L-R), Mick Darcey, Bobby Benson, Bob Merrit
(front), Kevin Scofield, Chris Wilson, Eddie DeVito

At the time, Chris was signed with Columbia Records and was managed by Nicky DeMartino.
Aside from Bob Merrit, who was already closely involved with Chris and his music,
the rest of us had all been playing in different Long Island bands, 
all local, all kick ass!
We had just recently come together forming a very talented, 
 solid sounding group. (name? not sure we were even that far along?)..
We had tons of quality instruments and equipment. Powerful, big gear for the time. 

We were in rehearsal mode, 
putting a play list together the day Chris and Bob found us.
They liked what they heard, we talked for a couple of weeks.
It all came together as "Chris Wilson and the Other Half".

Personally, I was at an all time high as a bass guitarist.
I had played alto/tenor sax for fourteen years.
 I was in bands from grade school on and could read and write music.

The band was good.
We were tight and now arranging and playing Chris's original music. 
Chris had good management behind him with previously established connections. 
We played some great gigs in NYC, even did a couple of tv shows with Zackerly. 
One summer night, in New York's Central Park,
we "warmed up" for Frankie Valley and the Four-Seasons! 
For years after this photograph was taken,
my hair would never be shorter than at least shoulder length.
There was a great wave of energy sweeping this country.
The band was now ready to tour,
but I had to leave the group.

Unfortunately or fortunately,
finishing high school became the "priority".
I have not been in a band since...

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"A Peter Max Original"
President Clinton Inauguration, Washington DC, January 20th, 1993
Cocktail napkin, US Air Shuttle, 35,000'
In flight, Washington National to Laguardia Airport

I finally introduced myself to artist Peter Max who was sitting directly in front of me on the jet bound for NY.
I was on assignment along with reporter Richard Ray, for KDFW-TV, the CBS station in Dallas, TX.
We had been covering the inauguration event and all the prior festivities and hoopla for the past several days.
Somewhat tired, a bit burned along the edges and instead of heading straight back to Dallas, we caught the shuttle up to NY where we were to now shoot a story on Dan Rather and a kind of "behind the scenes" look at the CBS Nightly News show he had been anchoring for decades...

It was a sunny January day in DC, without much wind which made it seem warmer than it actually was... 
I shot President Clinton's inaugural speech from the CBS Network news platform that was specifically constructed for the big event and was fairly close in to the podium.
Ten's of thousands of people in attendance, the Capitol building, his background. An impressive shot.
As usually the case, and up on the riser, 
Bill Clinton was surrounded by his main party supporters, VIP's and special guests. 
Peter Max was one of those guests.

When Peter realized who I worked for and that I was shooting the event,
he wondered if by chance I had gotten any video of him with Clinton.
I moved over into the empty seat next to me, Peter moved back a row and sat down with me. 
He tried to explain the exact area he was seated at during the speech by sketching it out on my cocktail napkin. We talked for a while and I agreed to look thru my video when I got back to Dallas . I would call him if I got anything he might be interested in. He gave me a phone number and moved back up to his seat.

I was just exhausted from the past few days of "runnin' & gunnin" not much sleep at all.
I sat there for the longest time just starring at my drink, now back on top of the napkin...

Holy Shit!

Peter Max had just sketched the geography of the inauguration on my damn cocktail napkin!

"Excuse me, Peter?" ...... "Do you think you could you sign this for me?"



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"Airport Reunion"

Kathy Bates once said in a movie not too long ago,

"All women finally become like their mothers,
...that's their tragedy.
"Men don't..... that's their tragedy".

(I'm still thinking that one over...)

Pam's mom marilyn flew in from southern california to spend this past week with us up in the woods.
 We've all known each other for 26 years.
We're all great friends and really enjoy one anothers company.
Especially enjoyable, each others stories.
Make no mistake ....
It was the girls week, and it was full throttle!

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"Denver International Airport Exhibit"

I had a meeting over at DIA Airport this afternoon to discuss some new electronic media locations and changes.
I knew my print "Visitor" was on display in (sterile) concourse "A". 
I've been dying to see exactly where it was hung...
Being that I was attending a meeting with some DIA wigs,
 I was able to cop a concourse pass and go through security without having to purchase an airline ticket.
I was happy with "Visitors" great corner location and appearance.
All things considered, Lighting was pretty damn good and a ton of folks do walk by it each day.
Lighting is critical in most galleries, but in enormous buildings like city airports, well...I was lucky to get a break.

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"View from Angel Rock"

April Fools Day and a full moon...A zany combination for this Sunday.
Photo shows a view of our SW acre, motorcycle going past the end of our driveway.
A shit load of snow remaining, very doubtful we have seen the end of it this spring...

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"Tres Hombres new batching location, Colorado Springs"

It's been 7-8 months too long since the Teams last winemaking venture.
Our Boulder, Colorado facility folded-up late last summer and the three of us have been so damn busy,
vinting production and operations kind of came to a temporary pause...
Today we moved our winemaking operation to a new facility in the "Springs"... 
We're all very excited to be back up and running and looking forward to our newest release of wines.

Top Left: Team Tres Hombres in extract inventory room.
Bottom Right: Warehouse and storage area.
Bottom Left: Combination of French oak shavings and Hungarian oak cubes added to our newest batch of Australian Shiraz Viognier.

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"Tres Hombres winemaker Tom Tews checks the Refractometer"

(Note photo insert added on top right side of photo) This is showing the actual graph Tom's currently viewing. 
It displays the predicted alcohol by volume for our newest batch of Spanish RiojaNueva vinted this afternoon.

The refractometer is a tool that is engineered specifically for testing the potential alcohol content of grape-must, as well as the actual Alcohol by Volume in the finished wine. The determination of the Mass Fraction (% Mass) of grape-must is clearly one of the most important initial measurements for the Tres Hombres Team.
The Mass Fraction of saccharose is the ratio of pure sucrose in a grape must to the total mass of the solution.
It is often advantageous for us to estimate the potential alcohol content of a given grape must prior to fermenting.
With a sample of only one or two drops of grape-must, the Wine/Alcohol Refractometer can quickly and accurately measure
the predicted actual alcohol content in accordance with established international standards.

For more on Tres Hombres Wines, check out

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