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Meet our next door neighbors and very good friends, Christian and Kate ...
Christian and I both have work hanging at the Stoneheart Gallery, in Evergreen and last night was the big Evergreen Christmas art walk extravaganza.
Literally thousands of people on the sidewalk, restaurant and gallery hopping, the event was a huge success!
Christian is a great artist in his own right.
He has a very unique way of expressing himself through acrylics and canvas.
Check out his art and website at

- ks photo/Stoneheart


Had to plow to get out to work this morning...
12 degrees @ 10am, very light, fluffy snow with no signs of slowing down
15" on the ground, way over plow height, but the "Grey Ghost" took it in stride!

- k -


Okay, enough of the windmill photography shit...
I will make an effort to stop, at least for a few days, or til next big snow...(Wednesday, I think) 

The "project" has introduced me to some very interesting people I most likely would have never met...
It's challenged me artistically and mechanically on several levels more than once or twice...
It has been directly responsible for causing me to use a ruler and tape measure, my first case of heatstroke, several fairly deep cuts, various abrasions and smashed fingers, a ER administered tetanus shot
and quite a few severe "next day" aches and pains!

"Project Aermotor" has been pure pleasure for me.
It's a wonderful, 50 year old kinetic sculpture given new life.
It's put a new spin on cocktail hours...

- cresent moon / dusk / ks


Temperatures during this Thankgiving week have been unseasonably mild.
`It's been a strange, yet satisfying week on many levels` 

- k -


"Three Tom's checking out our back acre, late March"

We live in a Ponderosa pine forest at 7,500' in a narrow side canyon off of a larger canyon known as Turkey Creek Canyon.
It is not uncommon for us to yield to wild turkey crossing our local roads, not uncommon to have them cut thru our property at different times of the year...In the Colorado Rocky Mountains, these are Merriam's turkeys, a western natural breed of turkey.
I shot the these photos on our property in March of 2002. The Tom's were NOT at all afraid of me. In fact, they headed towards me in a subtle, yet fairly aggressive style. The tom's are very large and from another planet as far as I'm concerned and I treat them accordingly! A certain respect is always shared... 
This day, we all eventually moved along
and the moment  passed forever...
Pam and I are members of the local Colorado Merriam's chapter and The National Wild Turkey Federation...

- ks/photo - 3.23.2002


"A large hen in one of our Ponderosa pine trees"

Although approximately the same size as the Eastern breed of wild turkey, the Merriam turkey has different coloration. It is black with blue, purple and bronze reflections. White feathers on the lower back and tail feather margins distinguish the Merriam from other subspecies of turkey.
Merriam’s appear to have a white rump due to pinkish buff,
or whitish tail coverts and tips.

- ks / photo 3.23.02


"A couple of tom's checking out a hen on our (water) well path"

During winter Merriam's turkey congregate in the forests of ponderosa pine. Deep snow forces them to move to lower elevations. During spring snow melt they again move up slope following the snow line
and breeding activity begins.
Toms begin to gobble and form harems. After mating, hens move into denser habitat at higher elevation to lay and incubate eggs. Toms and hens are not usually seen together except during the breeding season which is late March to early June.
The remainder of the year they are in similar habitat, but do not flock together.
During the summer months hens and poults spend much of their time
searching for bugs and seeds in small forest openings and forest meadows.

- ks/ photo 3.23.2002


"Lookin' for love"

 Hens mate once and may fertilize all of the 8 to 12 eggs from one union. Incubation takes 28 days. The hen does not begin to incubate until all the eggs are laid and all the eggs hatch within a single day. The young are capable of moving from the nest soon after hatching. The hens and poults spend the rest of the summer eating, loafing, and gaining weight. As winter approaches hens and poults begin to form flocks with other hens and poults. These become winter flocks. These flocks winter as high up on the mountain as snow permits.
The cycle begins again in the spring.

- ks / photo 3.23.02


Turkey's in Bryce 3D

- happy t-day, k & p


Russ, "The Windmill Guy", Castle Rock, Colorado


Just ordered a windmill from Russ in Colorado....
You seemed to be pretty impressed by his place and operation,  I wish I could have gone there personally but I'm from Florida. Enjoy the Log!



- ks -

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