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Down the Road
MOOSE sporting his new "Doggles"

- Self-Portrait Jan 20th


Santa Fe Ave, Denver

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The show is getting great reviews!


Artist's reception
Friday, February 2nd
2 0 0 7

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1st Friday
Santa Fe...

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National Western Stock Show
This afternoon...

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Canyon Courier,
Evergreen, CO





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"White Rabbit" Grace Slick

A few months ago Grace Slick stopped by the station promoting her art and a show that she was having at the
Masters Gallery here in Denver.

I was lucky I had the opportunity to spend some time with her,
we even went out on the wx deck and had a cigarette together.

(my first experience with the Airplane was The Fillmore East in '68)

I never did one of my self portraits with her that morning. I'm pissed about that, I can't believe I didn't. Damn!
She did give me this print...

Check out some of her work

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"Pine Needles"
VERY cold temps, 6 degrees for the high at high noon
Everything, absolutely everything covered in white crystals from frozen fog event...
Fog about the same as it was in the crawling eye (with Nick Adams).  

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During my ten year stint at the Arizona Republic there was a time when upper management decided they wanted all staff photographers to display their work in a display case next to the newsroom elevator door...
I of course jumped at the opportunity and included in my show the above photo which I titled "Cosworm".
It's a shot of a fellow photog from England who worked for the Phoenix Gazette which was housed in the same building as the Republic. I never asked Cosworm for permission to display, nor would I now, nor have I today.
Cosworm grew to hate the image and after a week or two, demanded it be taken out of my show.
I respectively declined and somehow ended up in a full blown disciplinary hearing 
with what would be today's equivalent of a human resource dept. 
"This man is deeply humiliated, especially with all the feedback he's receiving!"
I was forced to take the entire show down that day following the meeting... I felt it was a huge success!

Reader email reax to "Cosworm" (1/17/07)

Subject: love the Cosworm pix
what a freak.
he dressed too formal to be a newspaper photog.
Subject: cosworm
I just checked your website after having been intrigued by the Canyon Courier image "Stable Apparition" .  WOW!  exceedingly creative.  Cosworm's a great portrait!  Also was attracted to the Deer at RRCC as filtered  w artistic strokes. And your inclusion of the female figure in the doorway of your self portrait at the Stanley hotel -  also genius!  Where's next local (I live south of the tracks.. I mean lake... in Evergreen) show?
Thanks, Margaret
P.S. empathize w your bio re moving student shot in S-F.  I at the time was mourning the "4 dead in Ohio".

- k -


Wild and crazy ass weekend...

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