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Flaggstaff. Arizona
Santa Fe / old RT 66

Cheap Motel Room

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The Soul of a Clown
It always causes me to blow it at the most crucial moments.... Jim Morrison
Phoenix, Arizona

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Memorial Day

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crescent moon

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Pam's 1st Tulips

 rescued from our recent 7" snow event
energy provided by a Himalayan Ionic salt crystal lamp

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"On The Road"

I've never really lived my life in a straight line. A solo journey overflowing with twists and turns would tend to be a bit more accurate...

That being said, it was time for a excellent road trip navigating the miles of twists and turns up the Pacific Coast Highway.
I hadn't made this trip since the mid 70's.

Flew into John Wayne Airport in Orange County, rented a KIA Optima (which after the first few hundred miles I fondly slugged the "road shark") proceeded to load up with more than 100 lbs. of electronics, communications equipment, camping gear and a few MRE's most all of this gear was shipped ahead.
No less than two computers, color weather radar readouts, HAM radio gear (a CB radio, always useful) a few mag-mount and wire antennas configurations, frequency scanners, GPS, a "basic/dumb" cell phone, a couple of road maps,
a clown mask and a full tank of fuel.....
I was ready!

Mission Viejo, California was the jump off point. Up the coast highway, thru Oregon, onward to the northern most reaches of Port Townsend, WA. Hooking a right turn, returning (diagonally) to Denver via eastern Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming.
This was the plan...2,750 miles....7 days....

- photo - Judy Walling


No Room On The Beach
One of my first stop-offs on the long and winding journey up the coastal highway

Northern Elephant Seals, a sight to behold.
This beach at Piedras Blancas, on Highway1, is about seven miles north of San Simeon, CA. It's home to about 17,000 animals.
They are extraordinary marine mammals. The males grow to as much as 5,000 lbs.and 16' in length, females, 1,800 lbs and 12'.
The seals spend eight to ten months a year in the open ocean, diving 1000 to 5800 feet deep for periods of fifteen minutes to two hours.
They migrate thousands of miles, twice a year, to their land based rookery for birthing, breeding, molting and rest.
During April and May, the juveniles that were on the beach last fall and the adult females that were here in late December until early March return for the molt. 
They each fast (no food or water) on the beach for about a month, growing new skin and hair and shedding the old. 

Location via GPS, 35° 39' 48" N and 121° 15' 28" W. 

- kevin scofield -


Piedras Blancas, CA

Dominance is very important amongst Elephant Seals, but during the molt,
it plays no role other than the mock battles and sparring seen with the juveniles and continues on with the sub-adults.

- kevin scofield -


My welcoming cabin for the day 
Pacific Coast Highway 1 
300 miles north of Los Angeles, Big Sur

Photograph taken just before a dense marine fog settled in...ultimately surrounding me...enveloping all...neighboring everything, for the long night...
Big Sur's influence on the arts has been in American culture for nearly a century.
Recognized in books by late authors Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac,
it's no wonder that Big Sur continues to be a sanctuary for writers, artists and musicians.
I decided to spend some time and center on Kerouac's trail and haunts for a day or two.

- kevin scofield -


Packing up from a calming night at the cabin , I heading out fairly early the next morning.
I realized you could easily spend weeks getting lost in the infinite splendor of Big Sur.
I was also in a leg cast due to a previous foot injury during this road adventure, so instead of risking my life for a few fleeting moments of literary bliss and attempting to hike four hours down (with no visible trail to the beach),
I thought it to be wiser to experience the canyon from high atop Big Sur's coastline before continuing up to San Francisco for the night.
The cliffs reach 260 feet above the crashing waves on the rocky coastline below. Bixby Creek pours into the Pacific at this point.
Between chasing empty alcohol-fueled delusions of love and feeding apples to Alf the sacred mule (Big Sur), Jack Kerouac ventured to this coastal inlet where he transcribed the sounds of the ocean on this wonderful beach,
just below the mammoth Bixby Bridge.

- kevin scofield -

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