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We got a good 3' of snow during the windy and intense event.
Not gentle or beautiful this time, snow blew horizontal and strong for the duration of the storm.
Needless to say, I was up to my ass at the station and didn't make it home for a day and a half.
Our storm coverage was just excellent and the crews in the field did an outstanding job!

We are expecting an inch or two more tonight, absolutely insuring a magical white Christmas!

- - "Blizzard of 2006" -


Pam put the "Grey Ghost" thru some rigorous plowing for 30+ hours keeping up with the storm.
Plowing at intervals, day and night during a good storm, in a 33 year old Chevy pick-up,
 simple moments that create fond memories...

- - "Blizzard of 2006" -


Cement pad looking out towards driveway...



Intel has detected and confirmed increased "chatter" around the wooded compound...
I have it on good (inside) authority that Santa could be making this years Christmas at the ranch,
well...kind of a Motor Sports event!
 Phrases like spoke wheels, 250 cc, vintage four-banger, trials bike, not street legal, gas on, made in Japan and internal combustion engine have been overheard in quite a few conversations of late...
Damn Exciting, eh!  Should have solid conformation over the next couple of days...

(photograph by rick giase, Arizona desert/Barlett Lake area, springtime, sometime mid nineteen-seventies)

"I've always tried to advocate safe and responsible aerial assaults while workin with alcohol and heavy equipment."
 (Gloves and Boots!)

- Naked if I want to... -


My first Christmas Windmill...

You should see this baby thru the woods!

- k -


Gardner, MA

Freight train to Boston

just for the hell of it...

- ks circa 1972


I know better than to think no one is reading (viewing) this log...
The reality is, I cant even begin to think about that for fear it would take away my total freedom...
I know best on both counts. 
A strange space and in a weird spot either way tonight.
It's time, once again for;


Kevin, i just wanted to say THANKS. it sure was cool to see myself on tv. it was GREAT. i am glad i met you for a second time. you are a good person to meet and a excellent artist. f i can help you with anything, welding, artwork, beer drinking, let me know.                 THANKS AGAIN for all your help 
greg wasil

Hey I absolutely love your web site..laughed myself unconscious before wetting myself!
The photography is first rate.
Didn't know you are making wine too!
Take care,
Bill Benson
Seattle, WA


Much impressed with site and the imagery. You are exploring area I never seem to have time for and without a doubt remind of youthful days in Ann Arbor with a somewhat hazy recollection of life and times in the sixties and seventies.

I am even more intrigued with you wine making.   Thanks for the glimpse of a viable site and one that makes me think of revitalizing efforts in image making and to get off my butt and get my own site going.

Nice Job!


United Press International Contract Photographer,
Gary C. Caskey Photography


subject; kev!

How on earth do you find the time to be so wacky, so talented, so..shall we say, unstable, and still manage to not only create, but keep up-dated this magically delicious website?




Subject:  “Four Stars”!!

your pictures are just like you. edgy and colorful- both on the delightful side of those adjectives!!!!
sante fe blue moon is my new desktop screensaver.. i love it.
i love the double masks on you on pam.brillant.
see you at the bucks this week!!!!!


I took a look at your website- some great
stuff, and many pieces that fit your personality so well! (twisted,baby!)



You are a scary man- I love those images- esp dad in the wheel chair. I am interested in getting information on two things I read about in your blog. Most importantly, could you please tell me about the nation wide arrest warrants and also- more images from the canyon clowns and beaks series.I’ll see if our marketing director will post your site on our site.


Subject:  WOW!

Very impressive!  My favorites were in the West Gallery, Corral Craziness and Salmon Spawn.  But I also liked November Leaf and Santa Fe Moon.

Great talent!!!  Thanks for sharing it with me!

Lisa Hintze

Avid Technology, Inc.



Dear Kevin, 
I have really enjoyed the self portraits!
I never thought of shooting self portraits.  That is
such an awesome legacy. 
Lori Howell



Cool web site….even cooler art.
Who da thunk it from what appears to be a mild manner news guy fighting a never-ending battle for audible IFB, stories cut on time and stable helicopter video?

Skip Erickson
System Engineer
Harris Technical Solutions Group

- k -


(Holy Shit! I am just on a roll this week!)

Congratulations to the 49 artists from seven countries whose work was selected by juror and Exhibitions Director Grace Norman for the Center's

"Fantacy and Fantasies"

Kevin, on behalf of Larry Padgett, Director of
The Center for Fine Art Photography,
I want to congratulate you on the acceptance of  your image
into the Fantasy and Fantasies Exhibition. 
This first exhibition of 2007 will open in the Fort Collins Gallery on January 12, 2007. 
Grace Norman, the Juror for this Call for Entry, has done
an excellent job in selecting images for this show, and we're pleased
one of your images will be a part of this exhibition.
Again, our congratulations and as always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Cindy Munro
Assistant Director
The Center for Fine Art Photography
201 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

- "Visitor" aka "Pain"


"Astral Pioneer"
Received an acceptance call tonight from the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.
"Astral Pioneer" is selected to be shown in the CPAC 2006 Members Juried Exhibit at the EDGE Gallery in Denver.
Opening reception is this Friday, December 8th, 7-10pm.
The show will run from December the 8th, through New Years Eve night!
If you're in town, stop by and check out the show...

EDGE Gallery 
3658 Navajo Street, Denver
Gallery info, 303.300.9908

- k -


"Mustang Sally"
Got a call this past Sunday afternoon from Mark King, proprietor of Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen.
Stoneheart Gallery has represented a large portion of my work to date.
Mark and I have been good friends since we first met this past spring.
Yesterday A local mountain area couple had walked by the gallery's main window where "Sally" was in full display.
She did more than just simply catch their eye, they came into the gallery and left with her a half-hour later!
I have mixed emotions about this specific print, it's very close to me emotionally. 
It was one of the first images I had framed when I decided to start selling my work.
Sally was also my friend and next door neighbor for several years. She was an adopted wild mustang who had never been broke, but she had the sweetest disposition of any horse I've known in my life.
There are many "Sally Stories", too numerous to mention in this missive. I will say she was being neglected by her owner. It was a difficult few months for me witnessing this. She needed our help. Pam and I became very involved with her welfare. Sally was eventually taken away from her owners by the county and relocated into a new and much better situation where previously neglected and abused horses are given a new life...
Those neighbors moved on as well which was a real good thing.
I shot this through our living room window following a big snow one cold day in November.
She really loved the snow!

- matted/framed print 46x36

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