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Blade assemblies attached, but not completely secured, the 6' Aermotor finally takes shape...
From the time I originally disassembled and trucked this windmill down from Valentine Nebraska,
more than three months have gone by and numerous mechanical set-backs have been resolved.

- time exposure / 1.5 sec.


Working into the onset of a late fall Colorado sunset, I begin bolting the blade assemblies to the wheel spokes.
Blades are very sharp and cold hands and fingers make work a bit more difficult than desired...
Excited to get "Project Aermotor" completed, we work into darkness and freezing temps!

- pic by pam


Got our Aermotor X-702 windmill gearbox back this morning...
Russ "The Windmill Guy" down in Castle Rock, did a damn nice job freeing up the seized main shaft.
Pam and I started rebuilding the 50 year old wind machine as soon as we got home.
Photo shows re-worked gearbox, attachment of windvane and beginning assembly of wheel spokes.
No need for a crane truck, figured to just rebuild on top of tower.



- pic by pam


4th Annual Turkey Fry, Saturday November 11th, 2006
Always a special day when the Tres Hombres winemaking team gets together!
The annual event brought ten people, three 15 lb. turkeys and some very fine cigars together for the deep fry!
This years dinner featured a chipolte injected bird, a Hooters spicy wing sauce injected tom,
and a special brine solution soaked fowl, all deep fried to a golden brown perfection!
Plenty of great wine consumed during one of the nicest days weather wise, in the past four years of the fry.

- photo/rick giase -


"Inner Eye"
A very thin slice of introspective sensitivity

- late night adventure -


Fremont Center for the Arts, "Cosmic Collections Space and Beyond" Show Postcard...

- Opens 11/3


I had to bring 10 of my prints down to Fremont Art Center yesterday for the Nov-Dec show which opens next week.The Art Center is in Canyon City, about three hours from the house. I took Hwy-285 to Fairplay, then R-9 into Canyon City... This shot during a 40 mile stretch of SR-9 north of Hartzel. Really what  Colorado is all about!

- k -


20"-24" of snow yesterday (Oct, 26th)

We're "buttoned-down" and ready for
a long run this year...

Hot-Tub's currently at 102 degrees...

Y E S !

- k -


Tonight was the 20th Annual Heartland Regional Emmy Awards Presentations held at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. I was nominated for an Emmy this year as Executive Producer of our award winning Photographers show, "Signature Stories". 
The category was for "Arts and Entertainment Program" and was for a half-hour television special we put together featuring the work of several of the stations outstanding photojournalists.
Ryan Borgman (Chief Editor) and I usually put together three or four of these specials each year and they "air" during the very competitive Television "ratings periods" of May, November and February.
I have previously won an Emmy for this show in 2004 and another several years ago for my own photography, while I was shooting in Seatle, WA...
I was really hoping for for a third, especially that this was the first year the Emmy gal is sporting such a classy new rounded bottom!
Unfortunately, this photo is as close as I will to get to an Emmy this year, but we did have the rowdiest table and all of us had a great time at the banquet! I'll try even harder next year to score one of these brass beauties!

- self-portrait -


First "Measurable" snow of Fall, 2006
5.5" @ 18 degrees
Shot just after dawn
...Deer Creek Canyon...


- k -

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