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hay barn

evergreen, colorado

- k -


Interesting Moon


Western Sky...

- going to bed -


Neighbor "Keith" and his John Deere tractor

helps move the 6' Aermotor windmill to

a makeshift work area between two big

Ponderosa Pines...

Completed tower shown in background.

It will be moved to its permanant plot of
land this Saturday morning after a big
ranch style breakfast is served...

- photo by Pam -


Plot of real estate that will

be permanent site for

tower and windmill...

We leveled this in just

four or five tries with the

tractor and a long level...

This would have taken me

all day with a pick/shovel!

- k -


It was a great fall day in the mountains!

Got a lot accomplished on

"Project Aermotor"

- k -


Scofield's photos veer from the ordinary
By Anne Hopper-Vickstrom, The Canyon Courier


If you're a little quirky, curious and ready to experience new and unique things, a visit to the Stoneheart Gallery is a must. The photographic works of Kevin Scofield are on display to enjoy, entertain and definitely to provoke thought.

Scofield uses digital photography and then works his magic. "I print on fine art watercolor paper and apply digital manipulation," he said. "I think people frowned on (digital art) at one time, but now they get it." This artist brings creativity into photography. "I love to print on canvas; it takes away the digital-techno feel," he said. "I've also applied acrylic on it and sometimes gel to create a completely different feel."

His education has definitely been applied to his art. He earned a bachelor of fine art in photography and minored in philosophy. This background helps explain the works on display.

Scofield's sense of humor is obvious in "Deer Creek Saucers," an image of fall colors amongst vivid evergreens - with three flying saucers hovering above a charming mountain home. He then communicates his spiritual side in "Shaman Shadow," which takes the viewer's eye to a shadow image, turning our back to the actual being.

His art is extreme. From a peaceful Western image of a rope hanging on a fencepost in "Lasso" to the bizarre, colorful image of an alien peering through an altered mountain vista in "Middle Earth," each photographic image gets thoughts moving.

Scofield has applied his significant talents in other fields as well. He worked for 10 years as a photojournalist; ran his own freelance photography business; worked in television, where he earned an Emmy Award; worked for various TV news affiliations, including NBC, UPN, CBS and FOX; and currently is a news operations manager at FOX in Denver, where he manages 30 photojournalists.

Stoneheart Gallery owner Mark King "connected with Scofield the first time I met him," he said. "At the opening of the show, people were so comfortable they were sitting on the floor, relaxing and having great conversation about Kevin's art."

For more information about Kevin Scofield, see Stoneheart Gallery is located on Main Street in Evergreen, across from Creekside Cellars. It's open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and by appointment Monday and Tuesday. Call 303-670-0565 or visit

- By Anne Hopper-Vickstrom


The first two opening night receptions of "Altered States" up at the Stoneheart Gallery went very well and a good time was had by all who attended...

Some eighty or so friends and folks made it up to the two night event putting an impressive dent in the adult beverage inventory, which I've always felt to be a true indicator of any successful endeavor...

We sold three of my newly formatted and framed prints shown on wall behind me,
with future interest expressed in purchasing several others...

- photo by Mark King -


Mark King, Gallery owner
designed the postcards...
The show "Altered States",
Will be up for the month
of September...

(front of Postcard)

- Opening Nights, Sept 7&8.


Stoneheart Gallery,
Evergreen, Colorado.
A great room!

If you're in the
Stop by!
This will be a good one!

(back of postcard)

- Sept. 7th and 8th, 5-9PM


Tower Project/Update:

Coming along folks...

Been real busy at work (tv), and just as busy getting ready for the Stoneheart Gallery Opening Receptions
this Thurs/Fri night in Evergreen, CO... Check it out at (click on "Events" or "Artists/Scofield" for the full poop)

Work load has not prevented me from adding the occasional cross member here, a support strut there,
a bolt, a nail, or a screw to the tower ... 3am or 3pm, doesn't matter!

No Rush, just taking my time...

Rainy couple of days and the house is in the clouds today...

Just wonderful, Fall's in the air...

- k -

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