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For a year or two, I kept a dream diary next to my bed.

The thinking behind this was if you could actually realize you were dreaming,

you could then take advantage of the speed of thought.

A trigger, a switch, a door...

results yielded...possibly

at least I think so,

but nothing I can really put my finger on this moment...

There’s not any intended method to this madness.

I’m behind in several projects now

I do not have the time to be killing hours in front of a keyboard,

Especially don’t have time for ramblings.

I've known Dave for as long as I can remember.

I will leave him here,

basking in the sun,

somewhere along the old Apache Trail,

when it was still only a single lane…



- k -


"Spring Snows"

We've had a couple of snow events during the past week, last nights dropping another 4" at the ranch.
Snowing currently peering out at the Aspen stand.
Down the hill in the mile high city, trees now beginning to bud and flower...

- ks -


"Lake Pirates", Lake Powell, Utah (self-portrait)

The Center for Fine Art Photography

Congratulations Kevin,
One of your images has been selected by Alison Nordstrom, juror for the Interactions Exhibition.
The Center for Fine Art Photography is pleased to announce the juror's selections for the Interactions exhibition. 855 images were submitted by 244 photographers.
A total of only 49 images were selected for the show, Congratulations Kevin!
The images were selected by Alison Nordstrom,
Curator of Photography at the George Eastman House.
It provides a broad range of interactions: how people interact to and with each other.
Thank you for participating in this call for entries.
We look forward to seeing you and your image "Lake Pirates" in the Center's gallery. 
The Interactions exhibition will be on display at the 
Center for Fine Art Photography 
May 4thth - May 31st, 2007.

from ks: I'm really thrilled I made this show!
Just to be selected by such a renowned  juror,
especially over the number of entries submitted, it's a real honor for me.
The image is a strange one, from a land far, far away... 
The entire day was nothing short of complete interaction (and a hell of a lot of improvisation). Our outboard motor had failed on our Zodiac inflatable boat.
We were miles away from land. It was a long, cold day in the pouring rain. 
An inventory of on-board supplies yielded a few good cigars, a couple of hand-guns, a fifth of Tequila and two rather large garbage bags. Oh...and always a well stocked camera bag!

Adrift, but not sunk ...

- - ks -


"Dylan, The Flying Dog"
I've known pilot Rob Marshall and his side-kick Dylan for quite a few years now...
The three of us have been very good friends!
Dylan, a Golden Retriever was only seven weeks old when he and Rob first met...
For twelve and a half years since that day, the two have been together 24/7.
Throughout those years, Dylan's logged more than 5,500 hours of flight time, most all of these hours, in TV News helicopters.
5,500 hours is just incredible!
(In my years in TV news, I flown with many a chopper pilot that had less than half those hours...)
Dylan won the heart of thousands of TV viewers and it wasn't long before "Colorado's only flying dog" became one of the most recognized faces in Denver morning news.
Dylan even had his own camera onboard, "The Dylan Cam"...

- .


"Dylan makes a final lap around the newsroom"
Six months ago, Dylan's health took a turn for the worse. Rob noticed a bump on back leg.
It was removed, it was malignant.
Dylan was diagnosed with bone cancer and soon after, the cancerous leg was amputated. 
Dylan then spent weeks in rehab and was doing a damn good job adjusting to a new way of getting around.
Unfortunately, a few months later, Dylan developed a spinal chord problem that prevented him from walking at all..
This week Rob had to make one of the toughest decisions of his life.
Dylan, "The Flying Dog" and his best friend would need  to be put down.

Yesterday Rob brought Dylan into the newsroom to make his final lap and say his goodbyes...
I was on the phone in my office when I noticed Rob pulling Dylan over towards me in his new little red wagon.
The first thing I saw was Dylan wagging his tale, he was smiling at me!
As of two hours ago, our good friend is now somewhere very special, hovering over all of us and for the first time ever,
without the assist of a jet turbine engine...

Good flight Dylan!

- ks -


The following article appeared in this months issue of
"News Photographer"
The magazine of The National Press Photographers Association
(Needless to say, we are all very proud of Ryan! Congratulations! ks)

Creativity, Drive and a Sore Shoulder lead Borgman to “Editor of the Year”

By Jeremy Hubbard

Photography/Kevin Scofield


            An epiphany is what started it all.

            Ryan Borgman, Chief Editor at KDVR-TV in Denver, was sitting in his edit bay a few months ago, doing some basic math, when he had a realization.  “I got excited and said, ‘Hey, I can do this,”

            His goal was to become the NPPA 2006 National Cutting Edge Editor of the Year.  And when you do the math (three first place finishes, a total of 70 overall points), his epiphany is now a reality.

            “It became a group project,” Borgman said.  “When it started to look like I was a contender, I got everyone else involved.  I started asking reporters and photographers to seek out good stories for me to edit.  By the time the last quarter rolled around… everyone was cheering me on.”

            Photographers handed off natural sound, great interviews, good closing shots.  Borgman put the stories together.  And they kept winning awards.  A real team effort, Borgman said.

            But it never would have happened, if not for a sore shoulder.

            As a former news photographer at TV stations in Indianapolis and Denver, he’d spent a few years lugging a camera, shooting daily news.  And it was taking its toll.

            “My shoulder was starting to hurt, and I was tired of going out and standing in the cold.  I was losing my passion.”

            So he had an idea.  The station’s chief editor was leaving for a new job.  Borgman needed a new challenge.  So he approached his boss.

            “To take one of my most creative photographers off the street, that was a situation I gave a lot of thought to,” said Kevin Scofield, News Operations Manager at KDVR-TV.  “But I realized, with his creativity… there was no way we could go wrong.”

            Scofield saw something in Borgman from the very beginning.  Just six years ago, KDVR, the Fox owned and operated station in Denver, launched its first newscast.  For the second time in his career, Scofield was charged with the task of hiring an entire staff of talented people, from scratch.

            “It was great,” he said, “because we never had to inherit a single photographer or editor that wasn’t 100 percent into storytelling and teamwork.”

     Borgman fit in perfectly. 
(continued below)

- ks -


part  two, continued.
 News Photographer Magazine
   March 2007


 “From the very beginning, Ryan was always a perfectionist.  And his creativity stood out,” said reporter Heidi Hemmat, who worked with Borgman at WXIN in Indianapolis, and KDVR in Denver.

            “I’ve hired a lot of people into this business,” Scofield said, “and instinctively, you know when you have the right person.  I knew he had to be a part of this staff.  I recognized his potential the minute we gave him a camera.”

            And storytelling was instilled in Borgman from the minute he arrived.

“I have a rule here.  We have 100 percent NPPA membership in our shop.  All of our photographers and editors must be NPPA members, and they all have to enter the quarterly clip contests,” Scofield said.

“And in doesn’t stop there.  We also have a franchise called ‘Signature Stories.’  We air a photo essay every Saturday night.  The photographers take turns shooting them.  There are no excuses, and no getting out of it.  And the photographers love it.”

The franchise has been a hit with viewers and contest judges.  To date, KDVR photographers have produced 355 “Signature Stories,” they’ve aired 16 half-hour specials of their work and the stories have won several NPPA and Emmy Awards.

“It’s a very serious commitment,” Scofield said. “When you think of Denver, you think of strong storytelling.  And our station is no exception.  Every year, we’ve had at least two photographers and editors in the annual top ten in the NPPA standings, regionally and nationally.  And last year, two of our reporters were finalists for the first-ever National NPPA Photojournalism Award for Reporting.”

Now the goal is for KDVR to win NPPA Station of the Year and whether it’s behind a camera, or in front of an editing machine, Scofield knows Ryan Borgman is an important part of reaching that goal and winning the quarterly editing contests will help.

“He wanted to win because it brings attention to the station, not just him,” said Michael Demma, a fellow editor at KDVR.  “He can use this as a recruiting tool, so more people with talent will come work here.”

“He’s raised the bar a few notches in our editing unit.  He’s always thinking outside the box.  He doesn’t mimic or copy.  He always operates on his own playing field,” Scofield said.

            That means doing things a little differently.

            “I keep thinking of a totally genius piece he edited,” Scofield said.  “It was called ‘Downtown Remix.’  He took the soundtrack of Denver’s downtown… a bus, a bicycle tire, a horn blowing… and made a story out of it.  They were the noises we filter out and take for granted as we walk down the street.  But he made magic with them.  He isolated the audio, made a whole music bed, and created an amazing story.  That’s his outside-the-box thinking.”

And if bicycle tires and car horns inspire him, it’s his family that centers him.  Borgman’s wife, Serena, is a special projects producer at KDVR, and they have a daughter named Ava, who is just 13 months old.

“Becoming a parent changed my perspective,” Borgman said and it also changed his approach to the emotional stories he edits.

“Now, I can imagine what those families are going through when something bad happens.  I try to do their loved one justice.”

His bosses say they never have to worry about that with Ryan.

“He’s just a genuine nice guy,” Scofield said.  “Yes he’s a great photographer; yes he’s a great editor.  But more importantly, he’s a great person, and a great friend.”

            Everyone familiar with Ryan already knew that.  For them, it is no epiphany.


About the author:

Jeremy Hubbard is a reporter and anchor at KDVR, the Fox owned and operated station in Denver.


About the photographer

Kevin Scofield is News Operations Manager at KDVR, Heads up the photography and Editing Staffs,
NPPA member since 1972, NPPA number 5881

- ks -


"tree face, 2 face"

I dont think I've mentioned that "Douglette", our good friend from New Hampshire is staying with us again this weekend. A big snow storm in New England, airport nightmares you can only imagine, flight re-scheduling the usual airlines horse shit. He had spent last Fri/Sat with us and then had a week long scheduled event involving some sort of training while incarcerated up in Longmont.
Figuring we wouldn't see him again for another 25 years, two days was not really enough time during our initial get together so this worked out well for everyone concerned and we were now able to advance to more of a heavy-duty adventure status with our new found reunion time...


Pam had originally found "tree face" one rainy afternoon while taking MOOSE for a walk in the woods. She worked her way home thru thick fog and pouring rain to tell me of her find.
I dropped any important work I was involved with at that moment of course and headed out the door with Pam and camera over shoulder.
It's funny, everyone who saw the original tree face image, which was a large Giclee on canvas print, always believed I was doing some strange photoshop digital, hocus-pocus shit and had "attached" some strange face to a tree...never the case...I can assure you.


Today...we all ventured up, across and thru our back acre. 
We made the steep climb to Angel Rock and then...beyond...
Armed with several throwing knifes, handguns and an over-energized Rottweiler,
it was just the most perfect day for a spring hike/climb in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain West.
The downhill side of the climb would have remained just that had we not passed by a very special Ponderosa Pine, that for obvious reasons, we call..."tree face"...

You only need to know where to look...


- ks -


"Face 2 Face, #17"

the face ... gives priority to the self...

- ks -


" Face 2 Face  #17 "

tight, Vertical

- ks -

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