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"Stairway, Red Rocks"

Last weekend, we went to the home of some friends that live near us up here in the woods.
Both of them gourmet chefs.
They threw an incredible wine tasting party that lead directly into a phenomenal dinner event.
I brought a special bottle of Tres Hombres Cream Sherry for them to put aside and enjoy at a later date.
This is Tres Hombres, homemade, a 3rd Batch Edition... I only have two bottles left myself.
Knowing how much they would appreciate it, I was happy to part with this very special elixir...
We saw them again briefly this afternoon. to my disappointment, they still had not sampled the sherry. 
I found myself boasting of its wonderful depth, overall complexity and spectacular finish...
This is more than I can say about the latest, 2 hour 24 minute, James Bond "Casino Royale".
Daniel Craig is/will be a good Bond .. I guess.
Not quite the same performance as given in "Layer Cake",
but close and he's a tolerable Bond figure.
This of course from a guy that still feels no one quite matches up to Connery...


- ks -


"Blacks Beach"

I've done the Pacific Coast Highway many times,
under many conditions,
in everything from a blue Dodge a red rental convertable...
From San Diego to San Francisco, the Redwood Forest, Oregon and back again,
a half dozen coastal route adventures at least.
sometimes with a friend,
most times, just me...
There were always good times and many mixed vibes along the scenic, 
always much longer than originally thought,  journey.
There were times I couldn't find a quick enough way back to I-5 as well...
If you're familiar at all with this route,
you'll know that just past the designated nude beach area of Blacks Beach,
the little town of Del Mar had a little place that made the most fantastic
"World Famous Cheesecake"!
The batter truly was poured into little "tubs" that eventually became "cakes"...
Hot Damn!

Shot on Tri-X, Nikon FM / 180mm lens


Viewer Mail

Love that!  Your Blacks Beach ode was just missing:

From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream Waaaaaters,
This land was made for you and me. 
Bill Dallman
VP News FOX 9
Minneapolis/St. Paul

- ks -


"Stable Apparition, (Reflections)"

Appearing as featured photograph, on easel, thru Stoneheart Gallery's front window...

- Rainy day Evergreen 3/07



Good times once again...
Twenty-three years too long my friend!

- denver,palm .. ks -


"No Parking Zone"

We actually had rain showers this afternoon!
March 10th at 8000' above sea level...Rain?
"Springing ahead" an hour tonight as well,
not to be fooled however, too many weeks of snow events still to come...

- ks - Evergreen, CO


"Res Ipsa Loquitor"

Viewer Mail

Ralph, do I have to tell you everything?!?! 
That’s what I thought of Kevin when I looked at your picture – which really captures the blurry essence of the subject – and a sad morning it must have been.  I was shocked when I first heard the news, total disbelief.  I figured he had to have been murdered – maybe for something he was on to – stranger things have happened, especially with him, but then I had the chance to pass through Woody Creek the following summer and pay homage at the Tavern, and a waitress who knew him well said it hadn’t surprised her, he’d been in a lot of pain, and it would be in keeping with his character to do something that spur of the moment (go figure), especially “if he wasn’t taking his meds.”  Juan said they were having a wonderful family weekend with he, his wife, and their son there, the weather had been perfect, the family time perfect, and maybe he wanted to end it on a high note, with the people around him he loved.  I would imagine the funeral was a hell of an experience – I’m quite envious.  And I know what you mean, just knowing he was up the road made a lot of difference.  He was a major influence on why I moved here – I lived up in the mountains and could pretty much do what I wanted – kind of like your place.  And it was about 8 months after I got here that he killed himself.  I was hoping for that elusive encounter some day – too bad you missed him, but who knows why things happen.  Oh, did you see there’s a new book coming out, “The Mutineer: Rants, Ravings, and Missives from the Mountaintop 1977-2005.”  I just finished Steadman’s books, but damn, this is turning into a book too, so I better look like I’m doing some actual work here.

Take care,
P.S. I really like your “Day of the Doomed.” log entry!

- Woody Creek, 8.21.05 / ks



Free time has been a rare commodity these past few days.
I usually only sleep 4-5 hours on any given night anyway. 
One would think in a twenty hour day,
you would eventually be able to sit down somewhere and just relax for a while, ahhh...

I photographed these kids while on an unrelated assignment one hot summer desert evening.
It was a pretty low rent trailer park located just outside of Avondale Arizona. 
In the mid 70's, a very rural desert area.

It's always been a favorite photo of mine for different reasons which is interesting to me
because as far as kids are concerned, I've always been a lot like W.C.Fields.
He was once asked how he liked his children.
He said, "I don't mind them at all as long as they're properly cooked..."


- ks -


"Face to Face, #11"

There are definite days when one sprints through chaos as if it were an Olympic event.
Others....You go thru the motions accomplishing mandatory tasks, but damn...barely...


- ks / self -


"Weavers Needle, Superstition Mountains, Arizona"

I've never been big on exercise.
Someone once said even jogging was a hassle because the ice kept shaking out of their cocktail glass!
There have been several times in my life that I've forced myself to get into shape for different "quests" that I needed to accomplish, conquering the ten hour climb to the summit of the needle was one of those magical quests...
Long before I did the actual climb, I spent years photographing "The Needle" from every imaginable angle and view.
This 4,553' spire can be seen from a hundred miles away from many different vantage points. Oddly, it looks different from each location. From several points of view it actually has three separate peaks.
I've made dozens of hikes up the Peralta Trail to this exact spot and have sat there for hours each time.
Aside from the stunning views and its geographic features,
The Needle remains nothing short of a high energy vortex and pure magic for me...

Additional links of interest that are worth taking a look at,


- ks -


"Day of the Doomed"

On the outside, at the surface, comfortably insulated, most things have a basic tendency to appear some what benign...

- ks / Turkey Farm #1

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