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"First Light"
Aspen, CO

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"Infusion and the long weekend watermelon"

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Somnambu Table


Developed by Preston Poe and created using transducer technology,
this energy platform allows you to feel pulsations of sound moving directly through your physical body.

The entire space of this platform is a conduit that turns the human body into an amplification device.

As you lie down,
you feel a series of sounds pushing and vibrating through the physical space inside of your body.

You also experience the rumbling motion produced by low level audio, and hear the normal range of human sound frequency as waves of sound access the ear canal while you journey through the sonic landscape.

This sonic platform, or Somnambu Table, allows time and space travel to occur in the most essential of forms.
In the realm of sonic vibration in inner space you may experience the present and future in harmony.


- Pam on "table", ks -


One Stop Shopping
Bailey, Colorado

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California Redwoods
Circa mid 70's

Self-portrait shot during one of my yearly
 October solo-treks to the wet forests of coastal Oregon.
  Dirt biking and picking fresh mushrooms was the agenda.
Growing out of or next to cow pies,
these weren't exactly the type of shrooms
one would use in a soup or salad...
Wearing day-glo orange and red rain ponchos, 
dodging farmers wielding shotguns,
there was definitely "fun"gus among us...

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1st Friday,
Labyrinth Gallery
Santa Fe Dr., Denver

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Self-portrait with Anita Thompson
the Belly-Up Club, Aspen
August 20th, 2005


I first met Anita a short time after Hunter’s ashes were blasted from that 155’ tall,
six-fingered hand, clutching a giant peyote button, launch pad monument.
She and a very aging George McGovern delivered some words and fresh video of the celebratory blast at the Aspen night club where a couple of hundred HST fans had now gathered.
We were all waiting to see (close-up and on big screens) the spectacular blast which had just taken place over at the private party at Owl Ranch.
I remember thinking “how cool is this” Anita, while hosting a giant celebrity event eight miles away,
would take the time to remember and share with the “rest of us”.


This past Thursday night Anita was in town for a mixer sponsored by the Colorado Society of Professional Journalists held at the Denver Press Club.
She spoke about her time with Hunter, and signed a few copies of her new book The Gonzo Way.
It was a casual gathering of folks and once again she shared with others...

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"Drag Queens"

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santa fe evening, july 07

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Canyon Road

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