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It's now been seven continuous weeks of snow covered ground and oddly a new storm has hit on either a Thursday, Friday or Saturday during each of those weeks...
Another foot of ground cover over the past two days with a low temperature of 14 below at the house last night.
Pam and I love it and figure this is exactly what should be happening this time of the year in the Rocky Mountain west...

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I've spent the better part of the day trying to catch up on sleep that I've missed, moving around tons of the new snow we received last night and preparing images for entry into a new show "Abstractions".
Theme of Abstractions: Emphasizing a derived image, where the essential character is only a stylized or symbolic visual reference to the original. Art that depicts real forms in a simplified or reduced way keeping only an allusion of the original natural subject... 
Steps eventually lead to the door that opens up or closes off "Kevins playhouse".

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(1/30/07)   Hello Kevin,  On behalf of the staff of The Center for Fine Art Photography,
we want to congratulate you on the selection of one of your images for
The Art of Digital Imagery Exhibition. 
Hopefully, you had a chance to see the announcement on the Center's web site either last night or earlier today, but if not, let us be the first to congratulate you on the selection of your image "Woman". 

We are definitely excited about the variety and quality of the work that has been selected for this show.

For your information, over 300 photographers submitted around 1300 images for this unique exhibit.
Congratulations on being one of the 50 photographers chosen to participate.
If you haven't visited the web site, the selections are posted along with the title and a thumbnail of the selected
image.  See "The Art of Digital Imagery, Exhibitor's Announcement" on the left side of the home page at

The Art of Digital Imagery will be on exhibit at the Center's gallery from June 15 - July 14, 2007. 

I've see we have your image "Visitor" in our current exhibition at the Center, "Fantasy and Fantasies",  
Welcome back!
Again our congratulations to you and we look forward to working with you again. 
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Cindy Munro
Assistant Director
The Center for Fine Art Photography
201 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524 

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I am thrilled to announce I received a call today from the RRCC Gallery. "Pioneer", one of my four accepted entries, took a 1st place in their show "Art on the Edge"...
Opening Reception, Friday, February ninth...
In the few galleries that have displayed "Pioneer" to date,
people have had mixed reactions to this image.
One of my favorites was written by Stoneheart Gallery owner and friend, Mark Anthony King...

Pioneer by Kevin Scofield

This image of a Native American doll through a storefront window taken in the Pioneer Square District of Seattle is a strong message about the position of ancient cultures in today’s “market place”. The figure’s vague & distorted features craft a feeling of loss & confusion. The reflection of the windows in the building across the street, the figure’s contemporary view, mirrors modern society’s perception of reaching for the heavens. He seems to be at odds with modern man yet, completely unaware that he too is “for sale”. This message serves as a reminder that we could all benefit from directing our focus inward instead of being judgmental of those around us.

As you read through Kevin's bio, you'll note that he is "truly intrigued when it comes to capturing images from multi-dimensional levels..." Pioneer with it's marriage of reflections off the glass & of the past, windows in time, history & future, is a prime example of this artist's ability to convey his message in a subtle, yet intense manner.
Pioneer is available as a beautifully matted & framed 38 x 31 limited edition Kodak Lambda print on metallic paper
or as a museum mounted archival inkjet print in a 16 x 20 frame.

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"Face to Face #4"

evolution, a new series of prints

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Sportsman Show this afternoon

- Denver, CO -


"Sugar Glider" (Petaurus Breviceps)
I had first seen these cool little guys several years ago at an outdoors show. Today I was able to spend some time with a few Sugar Gliders and Steve Larkin the man who truly loves them. Steve is from Terrell Texas, the gliders are from the rainforests of Indonesia and Australia. They adapt very readily to captivity and make excellent pets. Steve says they develop very strong relationships with their human keepers.
These little marsupials are nocturnal and live 12-15 years.

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Sugar Gliders possess a gliding membrane similar to that of the flying squirrel that stretches from their wrists to their ankles. It allows them to glide from tree to tree, in this photo, hand to hands...In the wild they live in colonies of between 6-15 gliders and their colony controls about seven trees for their territory. Their lives are spent in this territory foraging for bugs, baby birds, bird eggs, small lizards, fruits, vegetables and vegetation.

                                                                  Viewer Mail:

Hi Kevin,
This is Steve Larkin the Sugar Glider guy.  I have just been to your website and it's great. 
I have added it to my favorites because I want to go to it often and discover all of yor images. 
Thanks for including us in it!
If you get a chance please email me any good pictures you got of the gliders. 
I am working on a new book on them and am collecting as many pictures as possible to choose from for use in the book.
It was great to meet you!
Steve Larkin

- Sportsmen Show, Denver -


black light room

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