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I'm very happy to announce a new exhibit and show...

"Cosmic Collections - Space and Beyond"

The two-man show will run from November 1st thru December 22nd at the Fremont Art Center, Located in "Historic Downtown Caņon City, CO...

The show will feature the work of Kevin Scofield and James Wolnick

The building, which is very cool, was built in 1933 for the U.S. Post Office.
It's a beautiful Italianate Renaissance-style block building,
which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
The foyer floors are of marble and the gallery has been completely remodeled. 
The Gallery has high ceilings and tall windows, providing an airy and comfortable setting.

Tres Hombres Wines Will Be Served

Artist Reception, Friday, November 10th, from 5-7 pm    


- k -


~Saturday Morning, Quick Windmill Update~

Top Left:
Aermotor X-702 Windmill gearbox,
I've removed all blades and spokes on this.
Main shaft is frozen and seized to hub on this 50
year old wind machine. Contemplating my next move!
Hopefully Russ, "the windmill guy" will be able to help
me out with this situation...

Bottom Left:
Tower now fully completed. Landscaped and more than
200 + lbs. of concrete below ground level supports each leg. 
It is a ROCK!

Nothing wrong with a little skull!

- k -




"Woman and Creature Approach"

Sidewalk, Santa Fe Drive
1st Friday Art Walk, 10.6.2006


- ks -




Another 1st Friday gallery hopping down
on Santa Fe Drive, comes and goes...
The monthly event still drawing big crowds,
weather has been wonderful and "fall like".

It's always great to see what other artists
are doing...Hitting 15-20 galleries in a 3 hour
period affords gallery-go'ers a good cross-section
of local art being created in the Denver area.

Things tend to start running together after a while.
It makes for a good starting platform and always
generates some strange, new images for me...

- "1st Friday,Masked Woman"


- photo/ Pam Scofield


Tower Moving Day...
~Saturday, September 30th~

We opt not to lean tower over and down on its side in a horizontal position...

More "man-carry" which would have put us against some rough footing,
downhill to its new location...

- 0 -



It's collectively decided,

"Lets play with the toys",
"Lets use the tractor"

    We would move the entire assembly 
  while being supported in an upright position... 

Balancing the load out, the crew prepares the delightful John Deere 1070 for lift and transport..

- #1 -


Backing downhill, very, very slowly...

Keith's gentle touch on the controls,

Several hundred (top heavy) pounds!

- #2 -


Forward... and up driveway...

Load seems fairly stable, but still

needs constant balance corrections.

- #3 -


As seen from behind the wheel,
tower now stands on permanent location.

Four 8" Support holes dug, each 5' deep.

Next step,
installing Osage ground support posts,
bolting supports to each of the uprights,
then cementing each five feet down...

Oh...and then eventually, figure a way
to place windmill on top of the tower,
       ...more on that soonest...

- k -

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