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Jamie Stanco, 2nd Woodstock buddy Still good friends, Jamie and I go way back. Always being in a band all thru high school (and a long time before HS as well) Jamie was lead singer in a couple of those bands.
He had a great voice. Gravely and somewhat deep for our age back then, Jamie could belt out some awesome Eric Burden riffs.
This was our tent and base of wild operations! We were camping along one of those upstate New York back country, roads that directly lead to the main stage (about a mile up the road). EVERYONE that was on the way to the stage, walked by our base camp. It was an endless stream of humanity 24 hours each day/night. It was a wonderful vantage point where a person could get a cross-sectional "Feel" of the event. .Jamie now is CEO and President of his own advertising company based on long island. He's still playing and belting out those gritty riffs in a band called the "deftones".

- Woodstock 1969


I was told by several people today that as I'm getting close to putting the windmill tower together, I should have a photo showing exactly what the components look like
Here ya have it Boys and Girls
I had a "rush of realization" tonightI tried to attach the stub tower(small tower steel section shown far right in pic)to the windmill motor headThe piping didn't match upSHIT!
I wonder if I brought the wrong stub tower down from NebraskaI had two stub towers to choose from up at the ranch, we just assumed we loaded the right one into the trailer
I have to check the exploded views now from Aermotor Co.this could be badthis could stop any construction I intended to do this weekend on the main tower!
Holy shitanother trip to Nebraska?!

- depressed! -


My "Evil Twins" will be one of many featured prints at Flash Galleries Invitational show which opens this Friday night, August 11th...
Flash Gallery is located in Belmar...
Reception begins at 6pm...
If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and check out some great photography and have a few glasses of wine.
Pam and I will be at the gallery until we can no longer fight the draw of the Elephant Bar, just a few doors away.
I'm buying...

- k -


Pam has an introspective moment peering out the window of a small Mexican cafe on Santa Fe Drive... 1st Friday Art Walk where each gallery opens its doors and stays open as late as possible. Cheap wine is almost always served along with an overabundance of superficial conversation.
Just priceless...
We enjoy it...

- k -


The strangest thing happened this morning...
I was getting out of the hot tub,
something caught my eye down at the end of the driveway.
It was a beautiful Peacock!
He was strolling up the drive and cut over towards the aspen grove.
I immediately grab my camera, twisted on a telephoto lens.
I proceded to follow him through the woods for the next 10 minutes.
Only got three shots off...
Not bad considering I was barefoot, in my bathrobe and soaking wet!

What a scene and an even stranger way to start the day... Hunter?, zat you?

- k -


Taking a break in 106 degree temps, my 1940's circa Aermotor Windmill was loaded onto the trailer and lashed down using rachet straps and fencing wire.
My buddy Tim (center) actually put out the word and located this semi-historic
windmill for me.
I negotiated the deal with Bill (right) who is the owner of the 13,000 acre ranch located just outside of Valentine, Nebraska. (pop. 2856) Bill was only 4 years old when his dad put up this windmill on their ranch, back in 1950.
I finally had my Windmill! I was very excited, Bill seemed just a little sad...

- Windmill Road Trip -


The "Sandhills" territory of north-central Nebraska cover more than 19,000 square miles... The hills are sand dunes, the largest tract of stabilized dunes in the Western Hemisphere. The grass holds them in place... Considered an inhospitable desert by early settlers, the Sandhills proved instead to be prime rangeland. Today, it's no accident that cows outnumber people here... On most maps, the Sandhills are unlabeled and appear mainly as a large, virtually blank area in northern Nebraska.
It truly is a unique and strangely beautiful landscape...

- Windmill Road Trip -


Loaded and lashed down using 25' of fencing wire,
it was finally time to Hit The Highway!

The 60+ year old wooden windmill tower uprights,
over-extended the 5'x9' trailer by about 6 FEET!

Luckily, I didn't see any local sheriff's during
my 9 hour, high-speed boogie back to Denver!

Passing by (literally) hundreds of working
windmills in pastures along the road,
I now had a new appreciation
(and a great sense of excitement) for these
rustic water-pumpers that actually helped
"tame" the West!

- Windmill Road Trip -


The first Aermotor Windmill was introduced by Aermotor's new Chicago plant, back in 1888.
In the first year of operation, the Aermotor Company produced 24, model #702 windmills... By 1892
the company had produced 20,000 windmills!

Photo shows a missing blade section on this hard working cattle tank windmill...
I shot this image at dusk, just north of town, Arthur, Nebraska.
One hundred and twelve years after the first windmill was produced,
I was heading back home, trailer in tow, with my very own Aermotor model #702!

- Windmill Road Trip -


My newest project....
Putting up an authentic Aermotor (cattle tank) windmill on the property..
A 4th of July adventure road trip to north-central (Valentine) Nebraska last week just happened to be to an area of the US known as the Windmill Capitol of the country..Sand Hill area, lots of ranches, NO corn, beautiful rolling hills!
Over the years, I've spent considerable quality time on, around and underneath a few windmills throughout the western US.
A cattle rancher friend of mine in NE has located one I can get my hands on.. He found it on an old rancher's spread in the area, used to be a drinkin' buddy...It's an older Aermotor which is just what I wanted..A bit of history!
Deal's coming together and another road trip up to NE is now in order, this time with a large trailer hitched on!

This photo is just a "photo- rendering"... I put it together simply trying to help us decide on possible locations to put this bastard up on our property..This is Not to scale, smaller, if anything!

- k

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