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I just love this guy...

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"Closer than I should ever be"

I shot this guy yesterday afternoon, sunning on the shore of a canal just off highway 441 in West Palm Beach County. I slowly (and cautiously) worked my way closer and closer knowing the entire time that these guys can run short spurts at speeds up to 25 mph...No match and a hell of a lot faster than I can run especially wearing sandals!
Yes, I was telephoto and yes, I was stupid to be 10-12 feet too close, but how can you argue the results...
I've lived and worked in two TV markets in Florida, Ft Myers and Tampa, we've spent almost a year in Key Largo and about the same amount of time in the Crystal River area. Photographing alligators in the wild (both video and stills) is nothing new to me, but I do have to admit, I think this is one of my best shots to date!
I've never gotten a shot of such a big gator opening its mouth...never this close in before.


- filing from south FL, ks


 Sun setting over the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

My entry tonight filed from West Palm Beach County, Florida

Pam and I race westward in our rental Jeep Compass, engine screaming
Our mission...however brief,
head into the northern most fringe of the Everglades, 
take a brief "time out" from the stifling humanity of South Florida...

Mission accomplished! 

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Sunrise, The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Bellagio Las Vegas

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The View from my window tonight, 19th floor, Polo Towers

I was 19 on my first trip west. We left Boston that late spring Joel Marks and I. It was a great adventure.
We dropped somewhere east of the Hoover Dam...Aside from the Rocky Mountains, which were now behind us,
 Las Vegas was the next biggest mind trip on that original journey west. It was 1969.

There was tons of shit going down in this country. Some good/most strange.
I remember Hunter saying something about a "giant wave" sweeping or drowning or something or other,
but that was still to come if I have my years straight...

Las Vegas was a much smaller glowing spot in the middle of a vast expanse of land I had not seen before.
Even then there was an underlying beast looming just out of reach in this town, maybe more so then?

During the past thirty eight years of "visiting" this place, my emotions and impressions have run the spectrum.
There have been days I never spoke a word to anyone, others...just a couple, like..."I Do"...

For tonight...however windy...the beast would be held at bay

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Bathroom Collection, The Venetian...

somewhat flushed...

- LV,NV...self...ks -


"Fiori di Como"

It was a very un-nerving and bumpy flight from Denver to Las Vegas. The landing was hard enough to generate a collective verbal "yelp of concern" from the already white-knuckled passengers around me. Still, there was that strange sense of relief and closure while we slowed to a speed that was now mentally manageable...

The first words I saw while waiting for my baggage were from a Penn and Teller banner,
"of course they're smiling, they're maniacs". I smiled too and was happy to still be alive...

I've been in the Bellagio Hotel many times since it's opening sometime in the late 90's. 
Tonight I was headed for a party being thrown by FOX News Edge up in one of the Bellagio's fancy Lake Suites. Entering the Bellagio's expansive lobby, I first had to photograph Dale Chihuly's impressive and massive, 30x70' work, the Fiori di Como.

His largest permanent installation to date, comes to life as the hotels ceiling-mounted centerpiece. 
This unique project--Chihuly's interpretation of a garden of flowers--required more than 40,000 pounds of glass and a myriad of metal installation structures created specifically for the site.
The sculpture absolutely flows across the ceiling of the hotel's main lobby.

As a news photographer living and working in Seattle for five years, I had the pleasure of meeting Dale several times. I distinctly remember photographing him at his Lake Union studio, the "boathouse", while he and his crew of artist/glassblowers were working on creating the 1000 plus "flowers" that comprise this great piece... 

- straight up in Vegas..ks


 "Human Interactions" Show

Press Release,

Went out this afternoon to tv and newspapers 

The Center for Fine Art Photography


Show runs May 4th thru May 30th


Artist Reception

Friday, May 4th



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"The Folks"
circa; late 70's
Steve's Pier 1, On the shores of the Long Island Sound
Bayville, New York

Aside from once having a newspaper route that constantly lost paying customers, especially those with big dogs,
my first real "on the books" job took place in this fine dining establishment.
At the time, it was known as the "Waters Edge".
I snagged a prestigious dishwashing gig along with my cousin Jerry and best friend Mick...
Cleo was the owners daughter.
Some great stories came out of that downstairs kitchen back in those days.
Incidents that never quite made it up to the dinning room...Ever!

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Been digging through my old steamer trunk this past week,
pulling out a few B&W classics here and there.

The awesome power of that "green shark".

In a straight line, that vette was a god damn rocket ...

Navigating a high speed sweeper turn,

a different story...

Viewer Mail

I remember that photo of you draped across the Corvette......... absolutely gorgeous! You too!
I waded barefoot through every photo on Kevin's site (with the exception of the windmill evolution).
If I weren't visually inebriated, I would backstroke to the beginning and do it again!
Wheeeee. I plan a revisit as soon as I've recovered.
I'm in love with Kevin, you know. I knew it when I first saw Mustang Sally!
You must be very proud of him. Too bad he's taken.
Thanks for sharing his site.

"It's not dyslexic being easy."



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