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Christmas Day Fall
During the storm, our (across the road) neighbor took a bad fall outside his mountain home.
Paramedics responded and actually had to employ tactical rope methods to get him down
the tenth of a mile long, downhill driveway and into an ambulance.
I captured this image using a 500mm lens thru our living room window.

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Carl is still hospitalized pending surgery on his neck and back today or tomorrow.

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A (very) White Christmas at the Scofield Spread
Meteorologists cite the fact (since the first recorded weather records back in the 1800’s)
there is only a 12% chance for snow on Christmas day in the Denver area…
We beat the odds this year with over a foot of snow so far, with no end in sight…
Just Perfect!
Merry Christmas Everybody!


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2nd Day of Winter
Deer Creek Canyon

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Denver Art Museum

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The Dreaded Colonoscopy
Kev's Log has always been for sharing "inside passages" so why not inside, deep, dark passages...
Everything went well this morning, even had the doctor grab a couple of images for me.
No more of this shitty business for another 5 years.
"There are many things a person would rather do than undergo a bowel prep for a colonoscopy,
but your efforts at cleansing your colon are essential for an accurate procedure."

- Photos by Dr. Rajesh Jain


"Snow Day"

Taking a break while cruisin' the back acre during snow storm today...
Trying to nail down a 2007 Christmas card family shot.
the Force was not with me...


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Holiday Tree

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"Night on the Town"

Began our night at 5pm...
Three gallery openings for me, a company Christmas party and a going away party at a local pub downtown.
Not a night for sissy's, only well trained professionals....

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“John and Dan”

Bouchon Bistro, Venetian Resort, Las Vegas
April 2007


Beyond our professional and business relationship, John Eulberg, Salt Lake City (left) and I have been very good friends for the past five or six years.
Dan (right) was not only John’s boss, but his golfing/drinking buddy and friend…

I shot this photo of John and Dan goofing around at a private party on the grounds of the Venetian Resort and Casino this past April. We were all having a great, “Vegas” time!
On October 7th,  for reasons that are still very much unclear,
Dan shot his wife seven times before putting the gun in his mouth taking his own life.
There were none of the so called “warning signs”.
The bodies were found the next morning by a contractor who was working on putting new flooring down in Dans posh Salt Lake City home.
This was the last photo taken of the two of them together.
I printed up a couple prints and gave them to John last night at dinner, he broke down and wept.

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