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Another 3-5" over the past two days...
Cold enough to freeze squirrel dick...

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I got your call but have been jamin' ...
The fall was bad, but not bad enough to keep me from work.
I will give you a yell this weekend...

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"Cloudy day in Clown Desert"

I've always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. Owning one for the past five years has not changed my mind.

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Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft Collins, CO, Fantasy and Fantasies

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"Pioneer Reflection"

Tonight's opening reception of Art on the Edge at the RRCC Gallery was a big success.
With a hundred or so people in attendance, there were 186 images hung for this show. The art was excellent!
There were many great and powerful images displayed, a lot of them oil, acrylic, watercolor or mixed media paintings.
I felt proud that a photograph topped the show!

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has definitely not out stayed its welcome...
Found out tonight "visitor" will be heading to a show at Denver International Airport!
It was selected out of the current show,
Fantasy and Fantasies at the Center for Fine Art Photography.
This is very cool as the Center anticipates more than 10,000 people will view the exhibit each day.
The DIA show will run from February 21st thru May 25th

"Visitor" was created in the early morning hours that followed a surgery last February.
I wrote the following for the Artist's Statement;
 "In the specific case of “Visitor”, this image base came to me at the apex of post surgical trauma, early morning pain and darkness. “Visitor” was created during and through that rough journey of pain, anguish and post operative medication. A place we do not often find ourselves looking to creativity for pause. An introspective platform very much isolated from your physical being. Intense physical discomfort with vivid under currents that are pulling you in every direction and slowly back and forth at the same moment. It’s a constant flow of suffering. Pharmaceutical agents rounding out the edges with far reaching tentacles directly attached to the core.
You are very much alone in your distress, grief and pain-riddled agony."


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"Las Vegas Hotel Room Clown"
been on my mind...

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With all the snow and ice around here, it's inevitable, sooner or later, you're going to go down.
For the second time this winter I did...and I went down hard!
Our driveway has become the equivalent of a Swiss Alps luge run.
The way things are progressing, I'd imagine we'll have compressed snow and ice here until sometime mid July.
It was another crazy garbage run from the house down to the road late last Wednesday night for an early Thursday morning pick up. Snowing like a bitch, of course, and with two very heavy plastic garbage cans pulling me down the driveway just shy of light speed, I was moving way too fast and only had a couple of split-second options available to me at this point. I let go of the cans which shot away at an even greater speed than I was now traveling. I lowered myself down into a fully crouched position figuring I could lower my center of gravity and "ski" down to the rapidly approaching road.
The ice on the driveway was like glass covered by a couple of inches of fluffy light snow. With a track rating of "VERY FAST", I was really hauling ass until something embedded in the ice caused an uneven "grab". It was just enough to trigger a total loss of any remaining balance. I was out of control and things got real ugly, real fast!  
Traveling at great speed, in almost total darkness, I felt my face smash hard and uncontrollably bounce right back up off the ice. Still moving quickly, the next hit, and biggest pain producer, was a total right side body slam, my right hip area taking the brunt of the fall. No longer wrestling the combination of speed and gravity, I slowly slid to a stop. I was hurt, but unsure exactly how hurt. I was bleeding thru my nose, my tongue involuntarily checking for broken teeth. I was experiencing that blinding initial pain that somehow reminds you of those "normal" type of bad injuries that occasionally happened as a kid growing up. That same confusing kind of pain when you're just not sure of how bad things actually might be. When you're really hoping to feel some kind of  slow improvement emerge out of your immediate trauma... I was, a good sign, but it was coming on so very slowly.
I was face down planted in my own gathered snow. It was dark, bitter cold, snowing and I was moaning out loud...
When you're really sick or hurt, I do believe moaning makes you feel just a tiny bit better. Better than not moaning at all...
Don't you? 

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"Face to Face #7"

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Hostage Situation!

Not really...
Just the local chapter of the NWTF, the National Wild Turkey Federation's annual banquet and auction tonight.
We've been members since the first time we were visited by a couple of dozen of these incredible birds walking thru our property.
(To see "First Contact" images, go back a few pages in this "Log" to my postings on 11/22/06)

The annual event brings a few hundred folks together that share a common bond.
We all love wild turkey, the bird and the beverage, however I am perhaps the only member that shoots the bird using a camera!


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