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"Saturday Afternoon, Evergreen, CO"

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“Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola”
John Gardner's Tennis Ranch, Phoenix, AZ

I ran into these two guys one January night in 1978 while on assignment for the Arizona Republic.
I was shooting for the society page insert,
staff photographers affectionately called this a “sock job”.
They "forced" me to have a quick drink with them otherwise “there would be no photos!”
During the non stop repertoire of “table jokes” between the two,
 I managed to just catch the tail end of Yogi flipping Joe off.
The photo ran on the front page.

Now in their 80’s, both remain life long best friends…

Joe Garagiola was a very popular catcher for St. Louis and, subsequently, the Cardinals, Cubs and Giants. Broadcasting became his post-game career, and he announced for the Cardinals and Yankees before joining NBC for nearly 30 years. He makes his home in the Phoenix area and can still be heard as a commentator for Major League Baseball games.

Yogi Berra's second claim to fame is for being one of the most quoted figures in the sports world. He is credited with coining the deceptively simplistic observation, "It ain't over till it's over." But he's also known for his flubs. He has moved from a giant in the sport to a cultural icon, whose "yogi-isms" are quoted by everyone from young children to Presidents of the United States.

Here’s just a few "yogi-isms".

  • "He must have made that before he died." -- Referring to a Steve McQueen movie.
  • "It was impossible to get a conversation going; everybody was talking too much."
  • "Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded."
  • "Why buy good luggage? You only use it when you travel."
  • "It gets late early out there."
  • "I didn't really say everything I said."

You get the idea…

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"Drifting thru a simpler time"
for you Christian...


“A calm moment is needed in everyday life,

A serene moment in time, something that everyone desires”

                                                                                                Christian Dore


 I am fortunate to live next to Christian Dore.
The most incredible aspen stand separates our lives.
It’s not something I think about often, there is a definite artistic comfort derived from our proximity.

 Kate and Christian, best neighbors…


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“Complete Anonymity”
”A Certain Vagueness, Obscurity and Ambiguity...”



This week “Kev’s Log” is celebrating its first anniversary of cyber-existence.

All things considered, it’s been built, nourished and spread over a very large inconsequential void.

A compilation of my photographs and ramblings, which on very rare occasion,
may have lacked substantial insight and continued for too long with too many changes of subject?

Other than chronological order, no clear organization in theory or form can be found.

I’ve never followed a direct course, but instead, 
I've preferred to meander from place to place keeping the emphasis on the journey, not the destination…

Staying in one place, settling down?….Not the point at all and never desired.

With a year of entries now comprising its ever expanding base, the “log” has generated some 4,500 page views while slowly building a “viewer ship” of some fifty or so unique visitors daily!
Statistics which in the case of my own sanity are better left unrecognized…

I have become more comfortable in this process of cementing segments of thoughts and images.
My mind begins writing in an attempt to make a connection. If fragments click and come together,
it leads to a posting which attempts to make sense of these ideas and patterns.

I’ve come to rely on the “log” to make this rubble more of a whole.

For me,
it’s where things seem to make more sense…


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Rainy night, 1st Friday art walk, Fort Collins

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"Interactions Show, Opening Night/Artists Reception"
The Center for Fine Arts Photography, Ft Collins, CO

A great (1st Friday) opening night turnout with several hundred people visiting throughout the reception.
The Center for Fine Art Photography Promotes the Art of Photography.
The Center Supports Creative Artists through exhibitions, educational programs,
international publications and by educating the public to the collectable value of photography.
The Center provides ongoing exhibitions and juried shows of the finest photography from around the world.
I'm thrilled that my image "Lake Pirates" was juried into this show. There were 266 photographers from a total of eight countries that entered this competition. Only 49 images were selected from the 855 entered.

Check out the website at,

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Interactions Exhibit
A quick shot of these two during last nights show...

The Center for Fine Art Photography, Executive Director Larry Padgett
Exhibitions Coordinator, Azarie Furlong

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Heading home last night, I had just gotten up into the foothils off S. Turkey Creek Rd.
It was deep dusk, just short of darkness. 
For the second time in my life, I was once again lucky enough to capture an image of a saucer!
It only appeared for a few seconds just above treeline.
My camera was on the seat next to me and not at all ready for an exposure in this type of lighting. 
I was freaked and only able to grab this single shot thru my windshield.
I called the newsroom first thing this morning, as of 10am, no other sightings have been reported...

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"Perfect Storm"
(framed, 38" x 31", Lambda print on metallic paper)

My image, Perfect Storm won a 1st Place in Digital Media at today's OMOT Show awards presentation!
The reception was held at the exhibit in downtown Denver's Republic Plaza building.
 The show will run thru May 14th...

Photographed during a four day, 4x4 off-road camping adventure in southern Utah's Canyonlands National Park.
This is a first time juried recognition/award for this print!

For more information on Canyonlands Natl. Park, click here,


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"Desert Wonders"

Lobby of The Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas



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