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Kevin and K-Man the Cat


Hello! My name is Kevin. I'm located in the Rocky Mountains 88 miles SW of Denver, Colorado, USA. in Como, CO. I have a wonderful home on 2 acres located at 9,830' elevation located in a high mountain basin (South Park area, Colorado) It's a high plains forest surrounded by state forest preserves and MANY historical structures...
I love all animals and have always considered them part of my family! (Have always planned most vacations to include them, when possible!) I am an artist/digital media photographer, I am a world traveler and as an artist, prefer great life experiences... I am also an avid Amateur Radio Operator (HAM Radio, call sign KD0VHD) and talk around the world on a regular basis. I am also certified as an Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver... Did I mention, I have a BIG "green thumb"? ...

Quick Bio: I was a fine arts photography major throughout college. I entered into photojournalism as a staff photographer for the Arizona Republic in 1972. During my 10 years at the Arizona Republic, I especially enjoyed exploring the small towns and back country throughout the great state of Arizona and the desert southwest. In 1982, I started my own freelance photography business, "On the Road USA, Photographic Productions". This new company took me on an extended five year tour throughout the United States. Having greater creative "latitude" than I did in the newspaper business, I was able to better pursue my interests in photography as an art medium. In 1986, I threw away my Nikons in exchange for 100 lbs. of video gear... Armed with a video camera and 2-channels of audio I decided to go into the zany world of television news. As a multiple Emmy award winning photographer I've traveled the planet having unbelievable adventures while on assignment for various TV news affiliations including NBC, UPN, CBS and FOX. Features, documentaries and special projects, have afforded me many prestigious local and national awards. Currently, I reside in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado. I have retired from my position as News Operations Manager with KDVR-FOX31/KWGN-Ch2. One of my main responsibilities at the time was heading up the news photography and editing staffs. I was responsible for the daily creative "look and feel" of the staff's final product for "air". I am now able to spend time pursuing creative goals with my first love, still photography. I maintain my own website kevin scofield dot com which highlights my unique photographic perspective. In 2005, and for the first time in my career, I was convinced it was time to begin displaying my work publicly. My images are now on display in a growing number of galleries and venues around Denver, Colorado and the western US.

Why I House-sit

Retired, I now have the time to enjoy travel, both domestic and foreign... I have always had "pets" in my life and as a professional photographer have always enjoyed photographing all animals (and homes)... I will be happy to photograph your pets/home and supply you with any images of our adventures together while you are away from your home... I really enjoy doing this!


First off, I bring reliability and confidence. Great letters of reference... (I will be including more, as time goes by.) I also maintain my own art website. I'm pretty much a DIY guy. I can always be trusted with the most complex task with the least imposition to the "out-of-town" home owner. I know how to handle pets, garden and home emergencies if one should arise. Also have had the many opportunities to travel to many different sections and towns of the world. Your pet and property could NOT be any safer!
I look forward to helping you out! I strive to always go above and beyond of what's expected of me.


Lonnie And Lindy, Denver, CO, US, 20 July 2016

Kevin house and dog sat (2 dogs) for us while we were traveling to visit family in July. And, I'm happy to say that he did a great job and left the place and the pups in better shape than when we left! With a 10 month old and preparing for our first prolonged out of town trip, we didn't have a chance to get the house into the condition we normally would have - but upon our return, the floors had been swept, counters cleaned, and the house looked great! Kevin even made the extra effort to mow the lawn and make a special trip to the hardware store to fix some cabinet pulls while he was here. Perhaps more importantly, our 2 boys were very happy and seemed relaxed and at ease after being under Kevin's care. In terms of coordination, Kevin was very professional and on the ball, and he took the time to meet with us in advance and go over all the important details for our trip. On the day of our departure, he made an extra effort to get here before we left to go over details one last time and get the keys. Throughout his stay, Kevin provided periodic updates and reassurance that all was going well on the home front. We'd definitely highly recommend Kevin as a house-sitter!

Vicki, Paradise Valley, AZ, US, 23 February 2016

Kevin recently stayed at our house for three weeks while we were on a dive trip to Indonesia. We couldn't be more pleased. No one could be a better house and pet sitter!
We came home to happy, contented pups who obviously adored Kevin. When we sat down to chat, the little traitors sat with him!
The chickens were alive and well. The wild birds had food and water.
The plants were healthy, inside and out.
The house was cleaner than we left it.
The pool was clean despite a storm that had moved through.
We were without wifi or cell service for 11 days. During that time, a few issues arose, which Kevin took care of. The RO unit started leaking. He called the company who installed it and talked to them and then performed the repairs himself saving us a $100. service call. We had a few irrigation leaks which he also fixed even though he had the gardener's phone number and could have called him . He fixed a digital picture frame which quit working that required tracking down a part, which was not an easy task. Talk about initiative! I suspect he can handle almost any kind of situation with ease.
On top of the outstanding sitting service, Kevin picked us up at the airport. We came home to a beautiful big bottle of his excellent homemade wine and breakfast for the following morning was waiting for us in the 'frig. Talk about performance far beyond what could ever be expected!
Kevin is a professional photographer and he gifted us with a framed photo of our dogs that we absolutely love. He captured them perfectly.
On top of all of this, he's an interesting and delightful guy. We think of him as a friend after spending just two evenings with him. I can't believe how we "lucked out". I received several inquiries about our "sit" and picked him based solely on the fact that I liked his profile. That may be the best decision I've made in a long time. If Kevin is available, he is "our guy" for all future trips. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.

Bo And Kristen, Arvada, CO, US, 23 November 2015

We did not know Kevin prior to having him stay with our dog & home over the weekend, so we are completely unbiased when we say that he did an absolutely UNBELIEVABLE job!
We came home to a spotless house (our kitchen was definitely cleaner than we left it), a happy dog, a thoughtful note, and wine waiting for us on the counter. Wow! We were blown away and would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a responsible, thorough, and easy-to-communicate-with, house sitter. Kevin did a great job of letting us know how our pup, Molly was doing by sending a photo and a daily email update. We could tell that Molly was not anxious when we got home and had enjoyed plenty of exercise and attention.
An added bonus: Kevin is a talented photographer and printed a photo he took of Molly for us. He definitely looks for every opportunity to go the extra mile! Highly recommend!!

Thomas, Southern California, US, 09 September 2015

I have known Kevin Scofield for over 18 years and just recently employed him to house sit our home in sunny Southern California.
We were out of the country for two weeks in August, which happened to be some of the hottest time of our year. Our main concerns were 1) having our exotic fish taken care of and 2) having our plants watered and monitored while we were gone. When I say "plants", I am referring to my wife's plant collection of over 120 potted plants, both indoors and outdoors, some of which are over 20 years old. Kevin offered to drive us to Los Angeles Int'l Airport both departure and arrival, which we gladly accepted (1.5 hr each way). We left both of our vehicles in his care. As our home is 50 yrs old, we left contact information for our electrician, plumber and pool company should any problem occur. Luckily, Kevin noticed a small leak coming from our solar pool panels off the roof. He immediately contacted the company and had repairs handled promptly before any major damage or loss occurred.
Kevin did an exceptional job taking care of everything. Our plants did not show signs of heat distress and looked wonderful, if not better, upon our return. Our fish were healthy, happy and doing very well. Our wild bird feeders were kept full, our birdbaths were clean and full, and our vehicles were clean. We did not have to stop the mail or newspapers as Kevin was there to collect them. He even vacuumed and mopped our floors before we came home!
Needless to say, we would recommend Kevin for your vacation home care, which includes animal care and plant care, without any hesitations. We will continue using Kevin for our out-of-town travels during the upcoming months and years. It always helps to relax and enjoy time away knowing all is being taken care of at home by an honest and sincere person who can be trusted.

James, US, 29 August 2015

Our home and pets are most important to us, and we certainly would not trust their care and protection to just anyone". At various times, during the past 14 years, we have used Kevin Scofield as my family's trusted house and pet sitter while away on extended vacations and couldn't be more pleased.
We trust Kevin implicitly. He is professional, dependable, trustworthy, and most of all, a true animal lover. It is comforting to know that we can be gone for extended periods of time with the total assurance that our home and treasured animals are in safe and loving hands.
Kevin is also an excellent handyman. Our house is located on five acres and over the years, he as made several timely repairs around our house and property in our absence, all without any complications.I have to admit that upon returning home, our house always seemed to be cleaner than we left it!
Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin to other travellers or part-time residents looking for total protection of their home and pets. He has a wonderful attitude and provides excellent service and care.
We can always relax and enjoy our vacations knowing that Kevin is taking care of business back home. We were so lucky to find him!
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding Kevin’s excellent professional services.

Stacey, US, 22 August 2015

I trust Kevin completely. I've known him for over 10 years, and he is always reliable, organized, and straightforward. On several occasions, he has treated my yellow labs as his own~and they love him! He is caring and trustworthy. I would absolutely, positively have him take care of my home or my dogs. He is truly a good guy who is honest and conscientious..always someone you can count on.

Rick, US, 22 August 2015

I’ve known Kevin Scofied for over 40 years as a loyal friend, professional colleague and trusted house sitter and pet sitter for my beloved animals. He’s honest, fastidious, organized and a sensitive and a caring lover of animals. He’s a man of his word and I do not and will not hesitate to entrust him with the care of my property, vegetation, home and especially my animals who are like children to me. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. -Rick Giase

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