Self-Portrait, Kevin Scofield
"Self-Portrait" Scofield, The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

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Kevin Scofield

Born in NYC and following a very interesting and adventurous childhood... Kevin was a fine arts photography major throughout college.

He entered into photojournalism as a staff photographer for the Arizona Republic in 1972. During his 10 years at the Republic, he especially enjoyed exploring the small towns and back country throughout the great state of Arizona and the desert southwest.

In 1982, he started his own freelance photography business, On the Road USA, Photographic Productions. This new company took them on an extended five year tour throughout the United States. Having greater creative "latitude" than he did in the newspaper business, he was able to better pursue his interests in photography as an art medium.

In 1986, he threw away his Nikons in exchange for 100 lbs. of gear... Armed with a video camera and 2-channels of audio he decided to go into the zany world of television news.

This Emmy award winning photographer has traveled the planet having unbelievable adventures while on assignment for various TV news affiliations including NBC, UPN, CBS and FOX. Features, documentaries and special projects, have won him many prestigious local and national awards.

Currently, Kevin lives in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado. He has recently retired from his position as News Operations Manager with KDVR-FOX31/KWGN-Ch2. One of his main responsibilities was heading up the news photography and editing staffs. He was responsible for the daily creative "look and feel" of the staff's final product.

Kevin is now able to spend time pursuing creative goals with his first love, still photography. He maintains his own website which highlights his unique photographic perspective.

In 2005, and for the first time in his career, Kevin was convinced it was time to begin displaying his work publicly. His images are now on display in a growing number of galleries and venues around Denver and Colorado. It is imagery that does not age, is beyond time and fashion and most often is extreme.

"The essence of my photography revolves around discovery itself and not on illustration or description. I build on the anatomy of art and not on the anatomy of the subject. At times it's the archive of my memories I use as the start for my work. I try to place them in a wider perspective. I search for those memories and try to connect them with the present, my daily life and the world around me. In this way layers of meanings can develop within the work itself."

Mobile:  303.870.3878