Tres Hombres Collection

 In just two short years, the Tres Hombres team of Peter Caspersen, Tom Tews and Kevin Scofield, have created more than 2000 bottles of locally produced, high end wines.

All great friends, vinting out of their Boulder Colorado base, the guys are sourcing grapes from California, Australia, Italy, France and other far reaching locations of the world.

Never sold, only gifted with a smile, the fruits of their labors are giving much pleasure to an ever expanding circle of selected wine lovers, in the USA and overseas.

There’s no greater pleasure for Scofield, then having his original work and label design presented proudly on each bottle.



Gallery - Tres Hombres Collection

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7-TresHombres 8-TresHombres-Petit 9-Show Show-WestBeyond TresHombres-SelfPortrait ToastedOakChips TresHombresTeam

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The Tres Hombres Team To Date Has Vinted More Than
Two Thousand Bottles And Twenty Varieties of High-End Wines

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