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Self Portraits

I believe self-portraits have probably been used as a method of self-exploration since humans first gazed at their own reflection in a pool of water. Along came the mirror and with it, an even stronger fascination to capture one's likeness. Personally, for the past three decades, I've used my camera to capture this
"Art of Reflection".

Self Portrait -lineart

Whether these images are an in-depth exploration of my own psyche, a record of my stylistic growth, or simply just being the subject or model, I clearly was the cheapest around and most always available! For me, they are a type of living document that through time, have kept track of my changing perceptions. A chronicle of circumstances through my life, most created in less then a second...

These images have triggered many a launch into self-study, most times with a smile on my face, sometimes not! They can be carefully staged showing only what I wish to depict, or they can be deeply revealing, inadvertently capturing feelings of craziness, anguish or pain. Whatever the reason, I've always been left feeling inspired and motivated by the process. The self-portrait is an exploration, an opportunity to see beyond the image in the mirror.

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