The West and Beyond...

The site is now in its ninth year of cyber-existence.
I'm thrilled to have had several thousand people stop in and take some time to look around.
It's truly been a strange and exciting experience for me on many levels. It's an ever expanding and evolving compilation of my images and thoughts.

I've always managed to observe and experience brief glimpses of multi-dimensional moments. Whether it be amplifying or mutating a latent reflective image in a pane of glass or my attempts to recreate the vision and feel, derived from a lucid dream. I attempt to incorporate this inner ambiance into my photographic style and direction. A style and direction that some have described as an adventurous manipulation of the medium.

The site displays several hundred of my original images. The main GALLERY page will direct you on to several separate gallery pages. The WEST has always held a special fascination for me, but so have unknown life forms, interplanetary travel and BEYOND. You can conveniently navigate through the Gallery sections and always return to the main Gallery page by simply clicking on the "Red Hand" symbol found on each page.

KEV'S LOG continues traveling in an unknown direction without boundaries -- Chronological order, the only solid premise. A living document that through time keeps track of my changing perceptions and vision. An ongoing chronicle of recorded circumstance.
Not at all the destination, but clearly the journey.

I enjoy creating large prints of my images on canvas and watercolor papers. Some are painted using acrylic paint and gels. I am a stickler for paying attention to detail. I am "hands-on" throughout the entire printing, matting and framing process, insuring the highest quality final product.
This is important to me.

If you see something you like or simply just feel the need to give me some feedback or thoughts, please know that I'd love to hear from you so do feel free to Contact me.